About To Take Your Test? Here Are Some Essential Driving Tips


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Getting ready for your driving test can be very nerve racking. No matter how many lessons you may have had, you will understand that lots of people fail on their first attempt. In an effort to help you get your licence as soon as possible, we thought today might be a good time to publish this post. If you take the time to read through all the information on this page, we are confident you’ll stand a better chance of avoiding repeating the examination. Below, you will find a few handy tips that could help you to impress the examiner and stay safe when driving on UK roads. For that reason, we ask that you pay close attention to all our advice.

Adjust your mirrors properly

You should already know about blind spots as your instructor will have told you all about them. Considering that, you should always adjust your mirrors properly. Most people get this wrong. For optimum coverage, you shouldn’t be able to see your car in the side mirrors at all. You should tilt them outwards until you only see the road and the cars behind. Thousands of accidents are caused each year through people positioning their mirrors inappropriately. Don’t follow suit! If you want to stay safe on the roads, this is a simple task that could make all the difference. Many teen drivers get this wrong.

Pay more attention to traffic

While it is important that you take note of any road signs you might pass when driving down the road, your main focus should be other traffic. Too many people let themselves get distracted by signs, and that contributes towards a number of crashes each year. Your examiner will be looking to see how often you take your eyes off the road, and for how long. If you fail to meet their standard expectations, they might consider you to be an unsafe driver. The photo attached to this article is of an Avensis model, like those available from Inchcape Toyota and similar specialists. As you can see, it was important for the photographer to notice the sign painted on the road behind this car. However, focusing on it for too long could have caused issues.

Turn the radio off

There are some very good reasons mobile phones are no longer allowed when driving a car. They can be incredibly distracting and have been known to cause many accidents. In the same light, your radio could have the same effect. That is especially true if there is some interesting news or your favourite song is playing. For that reason, you should keep it switched off until you are more experienced at driving. Raving to Radio One might seem appealing, but you could significantly endanger the lives of other people.

We wish you the best of luck with your driving test, and we hope that the tips in this post will increase the chances of you achieving a passing grade. At the end of the day, your instructor is the one best placed to give you good advice. Even so, there are lots more articles online if you need any extra information.

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