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Upgrade Your Car or Buy One: The Dilemma Discussed

We’ve all been in this position. We’re not sure whether to take the time to carry out those much-needed upgrades on our car or just replace it with a new one. I think it’s time to discuss this dilemma in more detail. Upgrading Your Old Car The first main benefit of upgrading your old one […]

Get the Most Miles Out of Your Car

Did you realize that not exactly 20% of the vigor from the gas in your vehicle’s tank is really used to get your auto all over the street? The other 80% of lost fuel is squandered because of sitting, running your cooling and motor inefficiencies that might be effectively be enhanced to improve gas economy […]

See How Driving lessons In Telford With Andy1st Driving School Could Create Better Possibilities For You

One of the hardest tests that you could ever take these days is the one that is given by the DVLA.  It is composed of the theory and practical exams that should be passed in correct order. Yes, it is true that there are lots of people who fail these tests and never earn their […]

Some Motoring Facts You Might Not Have Known

Browsing, as I do, through megabytes of news concerning cars and related issues I sometimes jot down a few juicy bits to share. Here we have my latest driving trivia. Some will make you laugh whereas others might induce a little road rage, either way I hope that you find them to be interesting and […]

The New Lexus RX450h Hybrid SUV

As with many ‘new’ models, it’s more a case of dental treatment, nips and tucks here and there and a good spruce up on the inside – and this is the case with the facelifted Lexus RX450h, which has been brought up to date for 2012 and beyond. The first thing that may strike you […]