Spring Car Maintenance 101

If you are a new car owner it is important to learn that as winter starts to wind down you want to time your Spring car maintenance perfectly. Depending on where you live you will know best when it is safe to book an appointment with your mechanic. You don’t want to be too early just in case you might encounter ice on the roads. It is best to look towards mid-April as a good starting point, but by May you want to be ready for the warm weather ahead. Here is what your car will need:

  • Overall Inspection: Consider having an overall inspection of your car each Spring. This way you will be able to indentify all issues and have them repaired. If budget is an issues work on them in priority order over the next few months based on safety as well as implications of further damage should repairs not be made.
  • Tires and Alignment: You want to attend to all aspects of your tires. If you use winter tires you can have them replaced, if not you will want to have your tires rotated. As well winter driving is rough on a car and it is best to have your car aligned as chances are a few potholes and ruts could have got things a little wonky. Check tire pressure as well.
  • Brakes: Checking the brakes every season is a good idea as the older they are the less effective they become. By doing it every season you will keep an eye on things and be proactive in keeping them working well.
  • Car Wash: Winter driving is messy and your car can be covered in residue from winter roads that can eat away at your car’s finish as well as the underbody. It is best to have a nice car wash to wash away all of the mess and get your car looking sharp for the summer ahead. A nice wax will finish things off and allow rain to trickle down and off your car more easily.
  • Oil and Fluids Change: An oil change is another thing you can time perfectly with your Spring car maintenance. You want to be certain you keep track of oil changes and follow your schedule so that you are not driving with old oil that will take a toll on your car’s operation. While that is being done you might as well have them check all of your fluids to make sure everything is topped up and does not require any changes.
  • Windscreen Wipers: A lot of people overlook this little detail. Because they are made of rubber they can deteriorate and become less effective. When rain falls you want to be certain you have a clear view with nice new wiper blades to keep things crystal clear in nasty weather.

You carry quite a bit of mess on your shoes and boots throughout the winter months, especially if there has been a lot of snow. Have a nice clean of the mats and vacuum out all that salt, sand and dirt. Your car will then be ready for Spring. If you’d like a bit more advice on how to best look after your car, you can always visit our website. We are Carmax Finance and we specialise in providing bad credit car finance to those with a bit of a wobbly credit history. We’d love to hear from you!

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